Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand


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Introducing this place:

Auckland is a city located in the North Island of New Zealand. The most populous city in the country, Auckland is the centre of commerce and industry. The city is known for its liveliness and for its embracing of multiculturalism.

Introducing this place Introducing this place


The Auckland Harbour Bridge

No visit to Auckland is complete without viewing this famous landmark. Originally constructed as a 4-lane highway, the bridge was extended to accommodated more traffic by a team of Japanese engineers. Thus extra lanes were added to the bridge and the bridge acquired the nickname 'Nippon Clip-on'.

Auckland Domain

The Auckland Domain is a very large park known for its sprawling trees, gardens and playing fields. It features several places well worth visiting in Auckland. In fact, an entire day can be devoted to exploring this area of the city. One can also view the Winter Gardens, and several glasshouses full of tropical plants, while touring the Domain.

Auckland Museum

Situauted on a hill in the southern part of the Domain, this museum is a favorite tourist destination. vi. It is recognized for having the world's largest collection of Polynesian artifacts, and is the place to go to if you want to know more about New Zealand's natural history. The Museum gives you the opportunity to see a 30 metre long Maori war canoe created from a single totara tree, dating back to over a century. Auckland Museum also features a Children's Discover Center, making the place perfect for families. Tours of the rare Maori exhibit are another attraction.

Parnell Village

Parnell Village lies very close to the West of the Domain. This area is home to several historic sites in the city. The first settlers' houses, church, and cemetery offer insight into the country's history. Parnell today is known for its top of the notch restaurants, and is a great shopping destination with its many antique and arts and crafts shops.

Things and Sports to Do:

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Restaurants and Shopping:

Eating Out

If you are dining out in Auckland, prepare to be impressed with the fresh produce and culinary innovation. While there is no particular New Zealand cuisine, you get to savor food with Pacific, Asian and European influences. If you want to try local delicacies, then you can't go wrong with locally caught fish and New Zealand lamb. Kiwis are also wine connoisseurs, so get ready to sample some great local wines.

Dining times range from 7:30-11 am for breakfast, noon-2:30 pm for lunch and 6-10 pm for dinner.


The prices for a night's stay in a hotel, can range from anywhere between $80 to $250, depending on your requirements.

People and Culture:

Auckland offers a conglomeration of cultures. While the majority of the city's resident population claims European inheritage, a large number of Māori and Asian communities also call the city their home. Auckland is also known for its sizable Polynesian population and has the highest number of people of Asian origin as compared to other New Zealand cities. Ethnic groups from the world over, co-exist in Auckland, leading it to be named as the country's most cosmopolitan city.

Geography and Climate:

Auckland enjoys a warm-temperate climate, with warm summers and mild, damp winters. The city is the characterized by its sunny weather, with the average daily maximum temperature hovering around 23.7 degrees C in February, and 14.5 degrees C in July. Auckland receives high level of rainfall, although this is scattered throughout the year. The climatic conditions vary in different parts of the city depending on the altitude, land cover and distance from the sea.

Economy, Prices and Living Standard:

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Night life in Auckland:

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