Ljubljana, Osrednjeslovenska, Slovenia


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Type of place: Urban
Natural surroundings: Forest, Hills, Mountains, River
Things to do: Camping, Casino, Castles, Cinema, Club, Festival, go-cart, Hot Air Ballooning, Museum, Opera, Pub/Bar, Rail Trip, Rent a car, Restaurant, Shopping, Spa & Welness, Theatre, Zoo
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Introducing this place:

Slovenia’s capital is a middle-sized attractive European city. Ljubljana with its baroque style Old Town, churches and bridges, galleries and museums is a historical, architectural and cultural center of Slovenia.

Introducing this place Introducing this place


The main historical and architectural sightseeings are located in the center of Ljubljana: Ljubljana Castle with great history and panoramic views of the city, the Town Square with the Town Hall and baroque style St. Nicholas Cathedral, Tromostovje bridge, Dragon Bridge, Franciscan Church, St. Jacob Church, Ursuline Church of the Holy Trinity, St. Florian's Church, and numerouse Ljubljana’s palaces such as Gruber Palace. There are also sightseeing out of the Old Town such as the church in the village of Črna, the circular Path around Ljubljana, the Renaissance style palace of Fužine and the Žale cemetery complex, Rožnik hill, the Baroque style Church of St. Mary of the Visitation. Inside the Old Town it’s better to walk, other city’s places you can visit using bykes, buses or even boats.

Sightseeing Sightseeing Sightseeing Sightseeing Sightseeing

Sightseeing Sightseeing Sightseeing Sightseeing Sightseeing


Things and Sports to Do:

There are many  theatres, cinemas and night clubs in Ljubljana. Music and drama lovers can visit the performances of Slovenian National Theatre – the Opera and Ballet of Ljubljana,  Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra, Drama of Ljubljana, Municipal Theatre, Glej, Betontanc and Koreodrama theatres, Ljubljana Dance Theatre, Slovenian Youth Theatre. Cankarjev dom cultural and congress centre also presents some interesting cultural events. If you need a rest after a day full of historical or architactural experiences, you can relax in the green areas of the city and go for a walk to the Ljubljana’s largest and most beautiful Tivoli park or Botanical Garden with the collection of more than 4500 species of plants. Amazing Ljubljana’s Zoo with local Slovenian and exotic animals is also situated in a beautiful natural forest area.

Things and Sports to Do Things and Sports to Do Things and Sports to Do Things and Sports to Do

People and Culture:

Large majority of Ljubljana’s citizen are Slovenians, but also Italians ang Hungarians live here. Ljubljana is famous for its Univercity, therefore approximately one fifth of the city’s populations is students community.

Restaurants and Shopping:

You can find a lot of cafes and restaurants with different – national Slovenian (“Figovec”, “Šestica”, “Pod Lipo” restaurants) and  world’s (“Maxim”, “Pri Vitezu”, “Cubo restaurants”) - cuisines. Also Ljubljana is famous for its pizza (best pizza places - “Foculus”, “Napoli”, “Pizzeria Azur”). Stores are open from 7-8 am until 19 pm. The Old Town is full of little shops: souvenirs,  food, fashion clothers, jewellery, antiques, and second-hand bookstores. The biggest Ljubljana shopping center is BTC City with more than 400 small stores and 10 superstores.

Restaurants and Shopping Restaurants and Shopping Restaurants and Shopping Restaurants and Shopping

Geography and Climate:

Ljubljana is situated in the central part of Slovenia. Its Central European climate is conditioned by Ljubljana's geographical position and influenced by the warm Adriatic Sea and the cool alpine mountain range. The coldest winter month in Ljubljana is January and the warmest summer month is July.

Economy, Prices and Living Standard:

National currency of Slovenia is the Euro. There is no problem to exchange currency everywhere in the city. Ljubljana 3-days Card helps to save part of tourists’ money while visiting museums and galleries or using city buses, and also with accommodation, guided city tours, city events, souvenirs, restaurants, bars and selected shops.

Marko Ljublana Marko, 35, from Ljublana
15:19, September 7, 2009