Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


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Type of place: Seaside
Natural surroundings: Hills, River, Sea
Things to do: Amusement place, Aquarium, Art, Bungee Jumping, Camping, Casino, Castles, Cinema, Club, Cruise, Festival, Fishing, go-cart, Hot Air Ballooning, Motorcycle, Museum, Opera, Palace, Pub/Bar, Rail Trip, Restaurant, Safari, Spa & Welness, Theatre, Zoo
Sports to do: Basketball, Cycling, Dancing, Football, Golf, Gym/Fitness, Hiking/Walking, Kayaking, Mountain Climbing, Parachuting, Rafting, Sailing/Boating, Skate park, Sky diving, Swimming, Tennis, Windsurfing

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Introducing this place:

Melbourne, the capital of the state of Victoria,  is the second most populated city of Australia. Being a major centre for commerce, art and culture, education and tourism, it is ranked one of the most liveable cities of the world. It's known for its diverse multicultural society and is also recognised as the sports capital of the country. Visitors here can enjoy extensive shopping and explore large parks and gardens, while the culturally-inclined can take advantage of its museums, galleries and theaters.

Introducing this place Introducing this place


Melbourne gives you the opportunity to view Victorian and Gothic architecture alongside modern steel and glass buildings. This city, is thus known for its mixture of styles. Some of the major landmarks in the city include:

Old Melbourne Gaol

This well-preserved 19th century prison enables you to picture what it would be like to walk the  road to the gallows. The deep history of the place makes it an interesting experience.

Waterfront City Piazza & Pavilion

Waterfront City is Melbourne's most famous event and entertainment premises. The place is known for its great selection of waterside bars and restaurants.

Federation Square

This extremely popular tourist attraction, functions as the city's meeting place and is the focal point for all cultural gatherings. It comprises a series of buildings, which include a public broadcaster, art galleries, a museum, cinemas, exhibition spaces, auditoria, restaurants, bars and shops.

Fitzroy Garden’s Conservatory

Established in 1930, this engaging place reflects the city's commitment to horticulture. The building showcases Spanish architectural style and is a must-visit place for those who enjoy floral beauty.

Eureka Skydeck

This Skydeck boasts of being the highest viewing platform in the southern hemisphere. Built in the Eureka Tower, the tallest residential building in the world, the platform features a glass cube ride for those looking for a bit of thrill.

Melbourne Zoo

The Royal Melbourne Zoological Gardens, commonly known as Melbourne Zoo, is an award-winning zoo with over 350 species of animals from all over the world, thus making it an interesting site for those enthusiastic about wildlife. It is about 4 kms from the centre of Melbourne and is easily accessible  through railways and trams.

Things and Sports to Do:

Melbourne's scenery and diverse natural environment make it a wonderful place for those who love the outdoors. You can go in for white-water rafting, have a gentle walk through tall forests, or if you are truly adventurous you can set up camp for a longer stay. Golf lovers can take advantage of a championship golf course, to tee off.

Pubs and Clubs

The multi-culturism of Melbourne is most evident in the immense variety of nightspots that exist in the city. You can easily find a place to hang-out, whatever be your taste or budget. From sophisticated bars to a place where you can just relax with a beer, options galore. Here are a few spots worth checking out:

Madame Brussels

Run by a hostess with an interesting name of Miss Pearls, this is the the perfect place to recline with a sweet afternoon cocktail.

Container Bar

This bar is rather unusually located inside a converted sea container. The setting makes the entire experience unique.

The Prince

This is more of a local's place, with three o'clock being their favorite time. The Prince is known for its   rock-n-roll spirit and relaxed atmosphere. 

Restaurants and Shopping:

From the large departmental stores throughout the shopping centres, to the network of lanes and arcades, every turn reveals a new shopping space in Melbourne. Queen Victoria is the largest open street market in southern hemisphere. Melbourne Central, Federation Square, Royal Arcade, Southgate Leisure Precinct, Chinatown and Bourke Street Mall are some of the places one can consider for shopping.


Hotel accommodation in Melbourne can cost you from US $60 per day. Some of the decent hotels are City Square, Parkville motels, Richmond Hill and Victoria hotels.

People and Culture:

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Geography and Climate:


The weather here is capricious, although major extremes are not experienced in one day. Statistically, Melbourne generally receives about 600mm of rainfall annually, which is quite less compared to Sydney. Also rainfall often occurs in spells throughout the year, with October being the wettest month.

Heatwaves are often prevalent during the summer and daytime temperature can sometimes reach 40 degrees. Winter is usually cool, characterized by both sunny weather and cold, damp conditions. Temperatures in winter can fall as low as 2 degrees, but only on the coldest nights.

Economy, Prices and Living Standard:

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Transport and Connectivity:

From 1901-27, Melbourne served as the capital of the country, so it was one of the first cities to enjoy good connectivity with other cities as well as with other countries. Even today, Melbourne Airport is one of the busiest airports in Australia.

Melbourne is served by an extensive public transport network. It has one of the world's most extensive tram networks, almost 300 bus routes and a train system comprising 16 lines. The city has got an integrated ticketing system, called Metcard, which enables passengers to buy one ticket for use on suburban bus, train and tram services for a specified time period. 

When to go:

October and November are the best months to visit Melbourne. Temperatures at this time make for a pleasant stay. If you are interested in attending the Melbourne International Film Festival, then July an August are the months to be considered.

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