Tasmania, Tasmania, Australia


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Type of place: Seaside
Natural surroundings: Forest, Hills, Island, Lake, Mountains, National/State Park, River, Sea
Things to do: Art, Camping, Casino, Club, Cruise, Farm Stay, Festival, Fishing, Gardens, Museum, Pub/Bar, Rent a car, Restaurant, Spa & Welness, Theatre, Zoo
Sports to do: Badminton, Bowling, Cricket, Cycling, Football, Golf, Gym/Fitness, Hiking/Walking, Hockey, Kayaking, Mountain Climbing, Rafting, Sailing/Boating, Skate park, Skiing, Sky diving, Tennis, Windsurfing

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Introducing this place:

Tasmania, the Island of Inspiration, is known for its unspoiled and large natural environment. This heart shaped Island has everything from lush green valleys to undeveloped coastlines and peaceful towns. The geology of the place reflects its connection to Antarctica and it is one of the places where ancient dolorite rocks dominate the entire landscape.

Introducing this place Introducing this place


Tasmania has so much to offer that many tourists simple don't get time to go to other Islands. You will find many local art and craft galleries with an amazing collection of paintings, pottery and felt products. Visit the museum at Emita, 18 km north of Whitemark to know the local history of this only Island state. The Wybalenna historic site, 5 km away from Emita is a place where Aboriginal settlement was established in the year 1831.

If you are planning to visit all the attractions from galleries to museums and wildlife parts, it is better to purchase a Tasmania Smartvisit Card. This one card gives you free admission to more than 60 attractions and have special offers also.

Primary destinations in the island state of Tasmania include the cities of Hobart and Launceston. Amongst the natural features that are a 'must-see' for tourists are Cradle Mountain, historic Port Arthur and Freycinet national park.

Sightseeing Sightseeing Sightseeing Sightseeing Sightseeing

Sightseeing Sightseeing Sightseeing Sightseeing Sightseeing

Things and Sports to Do:

See the different colors of Tasmania by visiting the national parks and reserves. You can wander through the villages, find out secluded beaches and get a taste of local Tasmanian cuisine.


Variety of sports activities are held on the Island. You can do surfing, scuba diving, kayaking, bush walking or even sailing at beaches. Visitors often get surprised to discover dozens of golf courses, sea fishing and estuary spots at Tasmania.

Things and Sports to Do

Restaurants and Shopping:

Apart from seeing the cleanest air and water on the planet, varied landscapes and sophisticated culture, visitors can taste the finest cuisines and wines at Tasmania. You can eat game meats like wallaby, quail and premium quality beef at the Island. A sea food lover will be delighted to find variety of fishes, oysters, mussels, scallops and crayfish here.

For shopaholics, there are plenty of treasures across the Island of Tasmania. You can purchase finest knitwear and woolen quilts from city arcades, weekend markets and country towns. Do not leave without shopping for wines, as you will get variety of them at best prices.

People and Culture:

The mix culture of Tasmania is enriched by Aboriginal heritage, African and Asian immigrants staying here. The people of Tasmania have a strong culture and live art sense. You will find a more relaxed pace of life that is full with energy in the Island. This is why the place has attracted lots of performers, artists and writers. 

Geography and Climate:

The Island of Tasmania is surrounded by the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Bass Strait separates the place from the mainland Australia. The place experiences cool temperate climate and has four different seasons. Summer lasts here from December to February and the average temperature at that time is 21°c. June and July are the winter months when high lying areas at the Island receive considerable snowfall.

Economy, Prices and Living Standard:

The cost of living in Tasmania is close to or just below the Australian average. Mining, agriculture and tourism are the main revenue generation industries of the state. The petrol might be expensive, but the food is cheaper here, which is good for tourists.

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