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Hawaii paradise


While choosing Hawaii as the destination of our family vacation, I was quite worried about it being overly touristy and crowded. Me and family, wanted to go to a place that’s completely opposite of our busy and hectic lives. We wanted to get away from the crowd and concrete-jungle and live in paradise.

Thankfully, Hawaii was everything we wished for.  This beautiful cluster of small and big islands lies in the northeast of Polynesia, but is a state of United States (surprisingly, not many people know that!). This beautiful place has something for everyone.

The natural beauty of Hawaii does not need any introduction. All of us are aware of its sun-kissed beaches and turquoise water. The beaches in Hawaii are simply exquisite. We spend most of our time on the beach only. Kids could play in the water and make sand castles, while me and wife, enjoyed our time together. I would recommend taking a romantic walk during sunset. It was one of the most romantic moments of our life.

Wonderful Climate

One thing that really surprised me in Hawaii was its weather. I was expecting it to be very hot and humid. But we found it to be very pleasant. The weather actually kept changing as we moved from one location to another. I learned that the weather can be completely different between two places which are only a mile away from each other. So, we had a bright sun in Oahu while there were extensive rains in Manoa Valley which lies only few miles away.

Unlike many other tropical islands, Hawaii’s weather is much more comfortable. We went in March which means that the “wet” season was about to end. Temperature was quite comfortable and we got plenty of sunshine. We even got experience the beautiful tropical rains which, thankfully, didn’t last that long. We deliberately went in March, even though the peak tourist season in Hawaii is between December and February as we wanted to avoid the high prices and crowd. The hurricane season is from June till November, so it was the wise decision to visit the place before turbulent period starts.

Hawaii has warm and soft climate which enchants you the second you step out of the airport. We got a balmy 81 F in Hawaii, which was so much better than almost freezing Long Island where we live.

The magnificent islands

Once in Hawaii, we could not wait to experience the life, beach and beauty of the place. We made our base in Oahu as that’s where our flight landed. This island is the gateway of Hawaii. This beautiful island has some of the most spectacular beach resorts in Hawaii. The resort we stayed in was very near the famous Wakiki beach. Once in Oahu, we realized that this city is capital of Hawaii and is one of the most bustling cities in Hawaii.

We visited Diamond Head Crater which was quite an unusual experience for the kids. After all, how many times do we see an ancient volcanic crater in life? As I am a surfing enthusiast, I simply loved the North Shore of Honolulu where waves were simply wonderful.

From Honolulu, we went to the Big Island. This is the biggest island in the state and is definitely the most beautiful one too. The magnificent Black Lava fields were a great site from our car. Kids just loved to the fresh tropical fruit salads served in the restaurant. The whole island is covered in lush green forest which gives it a very primitive look. We drove to Mauna Kea which is a volcanic range in Pacific. It took us a long 6 hours to reach the snow-capped mountain, but the views on the way were simply fantastic.

Another charming island in Hawaii is the Kauai Island. I didn’t know much about it but we recognized the island as it has been the backdrop of many Hollywood flicks. This lush green island is a great place to just go and relax and that’s exactly what we did. We stayed one night on this island visited the Waimea Canyons and beaches in Hanalei Bay.

We also visited Lanai which is a chain of six islands. These islands are still in their natural form and the trappings of modern world has not reached their yet. So, we were able to experience the rugged beauty of one of these beautiful islands.

 Besides these, Maui is also a great place to visit. We unfortunately, stayed in Maui for only one day, but wanted to stay longer. This island is quite populated and has many small towns and villages. We had a great time, just roaming around the streets of this island. Kids wanted to observe the local life and that’s exactly what we did. This island also has the Halekia Mountain which is more 10,000 feet high. 

A Wonderful Vacation!

Hawaii was one of the best places we visited as a family. It is not only a great place to go with your entire family, but is also a romantic destination for couples. I really recommend Hawaii for everyone.


Hawaii paradise

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