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Orient Palace Hotel

Last year me and my boyfriend went to Tunisia, we took the Last Minute. We've been told from other travellers who have already been to Tunisia, that we shouldn't take the hotel with less than four stars, so we took five stars hotel. I recommend you, that don't take a hotel with less than four stars, because such hotels can be compared to our worst hotels.Orient Palace is very nice hotel, the rooms are nicely spaced. We got a room overlooking the sea. The hotel pool has a pleasant temperature, at the pool and on the beach you get a free sunlounger, pillow for sunlounger and towels. If you go all inclusive, the friendly waiters bring you fresh fruit cocktails. The food is varied, you always have a choice of several menus, it's interesting that there's each day a different kind of cuisine. So in addition to traditional Tunisian dishes, there're also for example, Italian food, Greek, Indian, Spanish, Russian and so on, depending on the day. You can always find something for your stomach, even if you're picky with food. We drank water only from bottles. We didn't have any problems with our digestion. Hotel also has its animators, that guests were not bored. Thus, we participated in water aerobic, volleyball in the water, in the pool were organized water polo matches, on the evening was the gym in their garden, we can also play tennis, table tennis, football. On the beach was also the choice of plenty of water sports, adrenaline, we took a banana ride, but otherwise had a jet ski, parachuting and so on. Hotel is near the Medina, this is a big muslim marketplace where you could buy a lot of counterfeit famous brands at extremely low price. To this marketplace is a half-hour walk or a few minutes drive with cab, which was very cheap. We also rode camels in the desert. The cleaners every day made interesting scolptures from the bedspreads and towels in our nice room. The people were extremely friendly. Holidays in this hotel has been extremely active, but if you are not so active, you can prefer a peaceful vacation. However, you can simply enjoy the beach, swimming in the warm sea and admire the hotel garden.

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